‘Merlina’: Jenna Ortega reveals her secret ability (many fans would envy her)

Off-screen, Jena Ortega has proven to be skilled at swordsmanship, archery, and even playing the cello, but on top of that she has a hidden talent that makes her very proud and that would make anyone jealous.

Several actresses rose to stardom throughout the year, as was the case with Xochital Gomez. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness O Millie Alcock Cone dragon house, this time it was my turn Jenna OrtegaI won the affection of the public with my acting MerlinTo become the youth star of this time. The 20-year-old actress tried to create a different version of her predecessor, Christina Ricci, so she had to familiarize herself with her character’s odd mannerisms (she even stopped blinking!) while adding her own essence.

Her fondness for the lewd and ugly made her perfect for the role, while striking up an incredible connection with Tim Burton, who directed four episodes. Jenna proved to be very talented and within days of the premiere she became a trend on the internet for her iconic dance, which started a new trend on Tik Tok, where fans were matching the moves to a remix of “Bloody Mary” by Lady. repeated. Gaga. hero accepted she did the choreography Days before recording received all kinds of praise, although you should know that dancing is not his only talent.

Some celebrities have shown great abilities other than acting, dancing or singing. Jamie Lee Curtis proved she’s capable of crying like a baby, Mark Ruffalo is an expert at using a unicycle, Margot Robbie an effortless tattoo artist and Angelina Jolie a professional knife thrower. In the case of Jenna Ortega, her talent has more to do with her balance. In an interview for Vogue, she confessed that something that makes her proud is her prowess to walk in high heels, A skill that even La Mas Draga’s competitors would envy.

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The Latin-born actress believes this talent is possible thanks to her size, as she is much smaller than most of her co-stars, not to mention Emma Myers, Hunter Dohan, Joy Sunday and Gwendoline Christie. former disney star He shared in an interview that he is 1.55 meters tall, which made him a little insecure. In fact, in many of her presentations, the girl has worn very high heels, which is why some users have even compared her to Ariana Grande.

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Fans have reacted to the revelation and for some it is a talent that should be appreciated, as not everyone is able to pull off even a pair of high heels.Even Bryce Dallas Howard on one occasion admitted that he suffered and believed that his life was in danger in one scene. jurassic world Because she had to run from dinosaurs wearing very high heels. “Honestly, I trained to run in heels like I was at the Olympics,” she shared. Now we’re sure Jenna Ortega can add this talent to her resume.

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