‘Merlina’: Jenna Ortega worked with Eugenio Derbez and very few people know it

It’s no joke: Jenna Ortega and Eugenio Derbez worked together for years before Tim Burton’s new hit ‘Merlina’. And no, it wasn’t in an episode of ‘La Familia P. Luche’. Here we tell you!

Merlina has become a phenomenon on and off the Netflix platform. Yes, it’s a spur of the moment and it once again brought Tim Burton’s name into the world spotlight, however, the public also found a new reference to acting in Jenna Ortega, just by opening TikTok you’ll see thousands of videos that seek to mimic her interpretation as the young child of the Addams Family. And for all this did you know that he made his debut with eugenio derbez,

The Mexican actor, known for his style of comedy ranging from La Familia P. Luche to No Returns Accepted and El Vallet, was one of the first to welcome Jena Ortega to the world of acting when she was only 10 years old. Best of all, there is an image that proves it and we present it to you below.

to rob

It happened in a series called Rob, it happened because of the name of its protagonist: Rob Schneider, an actor you will surely remember from This body is not mine and as if it was the first time. The story is really simple and follows a man who has to learn to live with all kinds of unpleasant situations due to his wife’s mixed Mexican-American family.,


Jenna Ortega’s involvement occurred in the sixth episode of the first season, which showed how Rob’s entire family tries to change their mind about having children, even using a child as a practical method. does. in this chapter, Jenna has a brief appearance and is credited only as “Girl”.However, this did not stop him from taking photos with most of the cast, including Cheech Marin.

Now you know! great star of Merlin, Jenna Ortega, formerly Eugenio Derbez’s set partner Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta Jones why luis guzmanA detail only true Addams Family fans know.

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