‘Merlina’: such scenes were filmed with Jenna Ortega and Fingers

Jenna Ortega is an internet sensation for her performance as ‘Merlina’. The actress faced many challenges playing the mysterious young woman, however, she was not alone and the proof is in these funny and disturbing photos.

Ever since Tim Burton announced he would bring back locus adams In MerlinThe spotlight was on Jenna Ortega. actress of X He had many challenges with the aim of interpreting the character and creating a different version of him Christina Ricciadd your touch Like stopping blinking during shots. He even made up his own dance!

Unlike other Adams productions, this time we meet the teenage version of the mysterious Merlina (also known as Wednesday), who has just entered Never Again Academy, where the mysterious characters are. One of those that has attracted the most attention is Fine Fingers, the maiden’s henchman who was previously played by Christopher Hart.

While the severed hand may sound terrifying (just ask the New Yorkers who saw it on the streets), it’s proven to be very sensitive and has endeared itself to fans, so it’s likely that we’ll soon be seeing a spin-off. Will see off. His. And in case you didn’t know, the production hired an illusionist named Victor Dorobuntu, who didn’t have an easy time playing a good hand., evidence? these pictures.



The Manos actor had to wear a CGI suit to film his scenes And it forced him to be in the awkward position of being the actor spending the most time with Jenna.

little hand


More awkward position! The actor had to maintain an unnatural posture to achieve the effect of a moving hand., As of the series, none of the Addams members know where the rest of the body is located, but they all consider it part of the family.

Oops still!


The character is known as “The Thing” in English and to portray it, Victor Dorobuntu not only had to perform spectacular stunts but He had to learn sign language.

Do hands have hearts too?


Despite his ominous appearance, The fingers proved to be very sensitive, much more than Marilyn would have liked. Over the course of the series the two manage to establish a relationship and the younger human member becomes her closest friend, almost like her therapist.

bye manicure


Believe it or not, the creators of Merlina, including the director of Beetlejuice, conducted an exhaustive casting to find the right actor for Fingers. The winner was precisely a Romanian magician who performed a variety of tricks with his hands.

Palm reading?


actress of the Scream She had to pretend on several occasions that she spoke with only one hand, unaware that there was someone below or behind her. still actor He had incredible preparation and rehearsal for most of his scenes in an abandoned theatre.

musical talent


The decision to use an actor to play Fingers was made because Burton wanted Preserve recording techniques used in the tapes of the nineties Barry Sonnenfeld, In addition, on several occasions the actor used a prosthetic hand which acted as a support.

Hang in there!


And if you thought the actor should only crawl or be in awkward positions on land, you should know that he had underwater scenes as well. If you remember the Poe Cup race, Fingers is on a mission to stop Bianca’s (Joy Sunday) mermaid team, so we see her swimming and throwing powerful punches. After seeing this, nothing surprises us anymore!

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