‘Merlina’: Why doesn’t Jenna Ortega blink in the Tim Burton series?

Jenna Ortega has gone viral on the internet for her interpretation as ‘Merlina’. Some fans have noticed that the young lady doesn’t blink in any of her scenes and the reason is less creepy than you’d think.

Each generation grew up with a different version of the Addams family, so several actresses were cast to play the daughter of Morticia and Homer Addams, now played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán, respectively. with the premiere of Merlin it was the turn of jenna de ortega which, despite strong comparisons with Christina Ricci, The contemporary version of the young lady proved perfect for the role thanks to Without letting go of the sinister side of him that makes him such a character.

In various interviews, the actress X He confessed that he never wanted to get recommendations from his co-star, because he wanted to portray a completely different version of Barry Sonnenfeld’s ’90s Merlina. For her performance in the series, the 20-year-old had to take classes in German, cello, archery and fencing.However, his commitment wasn’t reflected there only, as he also intervened in the creation of the character, challenging Tim Burton a couple of times.

In addition to creating the famous choreography for the Raven Dance, he added a detail to the character that captivated the director. Beetle Juice why corpse Bride, If you pay attention to the series, you will notice that in none of the scenes is the girl blinking And it has nothing to do with any CGI trickery. “The first two weeks of shooting, I did a take where I didn’t blink at all and Tim said, ‘I don’t want you to blink anymore,'” she shared.

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director sleepy Hollow He admitted that he had always identified with Marilyn, which is why he was so excited to direct the project and knew from the audition that Jenna would be perfect for the role. The directors didn’t want Jenna to show any emotion, so this detail gave her the weird look they were looking for. “The thing about blinking is that I didn’t know I was doing it. It just happened. Because every time we started a take, it reset my face. The muscles dropped and Tim really liked the way I looked with knitted eyebrows, like Stanley Kubrick,” added the young woman.

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This is the first time Jenna Ortega is working with Tim Burton.

Apart from this actress the Scream He always had to remain in an upright posture. These details aren’t lost on the public, who have carefully discovered the scenes where she blinks at the end.However, we have to tell you that they are less common than you think. If you want to join the search, remember to Merlin It is available on Netflix catalog and has 8 episodes.

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