Meta is testing tools to verify your age in its dating product

Meta has been planning for some time how it can Prevent minors from “accessing experiences intended for adults”, It is working on new verification systems to ensure users are engaging in age-appropriate social media activities, which we talked about earlier here at 20BITS.

Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s company intends to expand age verification test facebook dating in usa, The technology firm’s service is designed to find love online, as is the case with Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Badoo or other platforms, so it is important that minors do not access it.

“Age verification tools will help verify that only adults are using the service and help prevent minors from accessing it,” Meta stressed in a press release. they have cooperated for Yoti, a company specializing in online age verification.

How will users be able to verify their age virtually?

  • Video Selfie: Internet users should record themselves following the instructions shown on the screen. Meta then sends a still image from the video to Yoti’s tool, and Yoti analyzes facial features to estimate an age. According to Meta, the image is deleted immediately and the technology cannot identify the user, so it is completely safe.
  • Identification Fee: Another option to verify age is to upload a copy of an identity document. Meta description that the information is encrypted and stored securely for some time and others will not be able to access the data.

Oculus Quest 2 glasses will be required to use the platform.

The brand has insisted that since they began testing their verification system on Instagram in June, they have found that more people meet their requirements. “We were able to stop 96% Of the teens who attempted to edit their 18 to 18+ birthdays on Instagram, they did,” the company says.

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