Meta Land 2Africa in Spain, world’s longest submarine internet cable

Meta announced the arrival of the 2Africa submarine cable in Spain on its blog. Will be deployed in the coming monthsIt will span a total of 46 locations, connect people and continents, lay the groundwork for the global Internet, and work on the project will end in 2024.

2Africa has partnered with AFR-IX Telecom to moor the cable in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona), in addition, companies and service providers will be able to Access such international connectivity from any facility company independent.

Irene Cano (Meta’s director for Spain and Portugal) says that “2Africa will Longest submarine cable deployed ever and will serve communities that depend on the Internet for services such as education, health and business.”

The submarine cable was announced in May 2020 and is designed to provide international connectivity to approximately three billion people (representing 36% of the world’s population). Connect Africa, Europe and Asia,

new submarine cables are a Catalyst for change in broadband marketIn addition, they are an economic development for the surrounding population that benefits companies and individuals.

Meta, on the other hand, states in its blog that “it focuses on accelerating the development of infrastructure to help bring social technologies to life. We collaborate with industry to develop technologies, business models and knowledge.” that allow our partners and all people around the world Improve the quality of your internet connection for the best experiences today and in the future.”

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