Meta launches Quest Pro for 1,800 euros, the most advanced mixed reality glasses on the market

Mark Zuckerberg announced the renaming of his parent company at the end of last year facebook a meta, With this amendment he intended to bet on the concept of the metaverse so that people would stay connected through the digital space.

With this business approach, the company’s developers put all their efforts into the so-called ‘Cambria Project’ that would make this possible. A part of these efforts is focused on the creation of Meta Quest ProA high-end virtual reality (VR) glasses.

Quest Pro is in high resolution sensor For mixed reality experiences, lcd screen sharp for sharp images and followed by eyes You natural facial expressions To make avatars more realistic in the metaverse.

As reported by Meta in the presentation of the device, the new specs will begin to be delivered on October 25 1.799,99 euro, Included in the purchase is a viewer, Meta Quest Touch Pro controller, and a charging cradle. While the date arrives, the product can be booked in advance pre Sales From Brand Store.

$1.5 billion for virtual reality

Meta has explained that its investment in games and apps in the Meta Quest store is $1,500 million. total of 33 games have crossed $10 million The total number of gross receipts and applications exceeded $5 million over the previous year.

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The company highlights some of the titles for its VR glasses from its official store, such as The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Zenith: The Last City, Resident Evil 4 You Blade and Sorcery: Nomads.

Quest Pro will no longer be used just for playing, but Meta it can be used to share experiences with friends, connect with other internet users via Meta Horizon World, watch VR videos on YouTube (they’re working on it). ), exercise or even propose to use it. to work.

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