Mexicans were able to pay $8,000 in tickets for Bad Bunny

  • Currently, there are 100 million people in Mexico who use various social media platforms.

  • 77.2 percent of the Mexican population is active on the Internet.

  • 4 thousand 620 million network users are registered worldwide in 2022

Digital interactions play a very important role in today’s world, in any industry. So it is normal that when important events are recorded around the world, people go to internet searches, generating great data, as highlighted by Google as an example. Days after a Bad Bunny concert in Mexico, Mexicans are scrambling for where to buy tickets after they sold out, paying up to 8,000 Mexican pesos for resale.

Currently, social networks represent a new communication channel around the world, which is why currently According to data from We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 4.62 billion network users worldwide, representing year-over-year growth of more than 10 percent.

Given this, it is normal that people engage in digital conversations every day, where geographical barriers do not matter; So, ever since the internet was implemented in the daily life of people, we can know about new things found in different parts of the world.

Bad Bunny wins Google searches in Mexico

Google is one of the most important search engines, where there is a large presence of Mexicans, And these weeks searches have focused on Bad Bunny concerts in the country.

According to Google data, searches currently show that keywords like “Bad Bunny Monterey” and “Bad Bunny CDMX” are positioning themselves.

Also, among this information, Mexicans are interested in pages that share information about Tickets that have been sold by Ticketmaster since their official sale, where the most expensive cost more than 8 thousand Mexican pesos.

The discovery suggests that Mexican fans are interested in obtaining resale tickets for the Puerto Rican singer, who has positioned herself as the most listened to on streaming platform Spotify this 2022. It had over 18.5 billion plays on the music service.

Likewise, Internet search engines noted that people interested in the singer are looking for the best outfit for the party she will present in Mexico, Thief “dress for Bad Bunny Concert” has seen a 250 percent increase in search interest over the past week.

For their part, they also highlight Bad Bunny’s most sought-after songs. The last seven days in Mexico are: “Amorphoda”, “Un Coco”, “Vete” and “Titi Me Pregunta”.

In the world of social networks, especially on YouTube, “The Bad Rabbit” dominated the list of top music videos of 2022, ranking In YouTube Mexico music videos, the artist appears three times with the songs: Titi Me Preganto, at number three, Me Porto Bonito, at number four, and Ojitos Lindos, at number nine, all from his latest and fifth album “Un”. Belongs to Verano without you”.

And this is how Singer has earned more than this in the last 12 months It has been viewed 14.5 billion times worldwide and Mexico remains the most listened-to city and country, adding 3.66 billion views in the country.

As for this event, which is about to come and which appears to be one of the most important in the entertainment industry in the country, the Internet has been very important. But at the same time, Google has also seen searches by Mexicans on the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Finally, in this line, it is important to highlight that traditional communication they will cease to exist, but the terrain is different for the companies, Because consumers increasingly rate their updates and unfortunately social networks and the Internet are part of the future.

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