Mia Khalifa stuns in a tight black swimsuit

mia khalifa Surprised his millions of followers on social media, made a post on his account Instagram and TwitterR, in which this Friday he shared a series of photos with ruin style from a cot, from the point of view black bathing suit With which he was showered with praises and “likes”, indicating that although he has already moved away from adult cinema, he is still a sensation.

The influencer has now gained popularity as an actress and although she currently lives away from that world, she is still one of the most sought after figures on the Internet, thanks to her work in the industry genre in which she She debuted in the year 2014, when she was 21 years old and caused controversy due to her Lebanese origin, which did not stop her from becoming one of the most successful.

Mia Khalifa seen in flirty swimsuit

Sarah Jo Chamoun is the real name of the model, originally from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, who is currently 29 years old, and has become one of the celebrities who impress with your styleBeing her beach, looks like bikinis or bathersWith which he is furious among millions of his followers, who keep showing him their love and unconditional support.

My triumph with a black look. Photo: IG @miakhalifa

She is very active on her social media, especially on instagramWhere she has 27.7 million fans, to whom she agreed with her outfits and this Friday, to start the weekend with the best attitude, she surprised her fans with a series of photos in which she poses from a lounger. are seen posing and a. showing off her curvy silhouette in black bathing suitWith a daring pose.

“Morocco is my love”, was the phrase with which MIA He accompanied the images on the meta platform, in which he also dropped an orange heart emoji and announced to his fans that he was on a journey; While on Twitter he wrote “Habibi” and accompanied the provocative snapshot of a small image of the country’s flag, which is located in North Africa and borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Now in pictures the influencer and model shared with her fans, she is seen from a lounger, in front of a pool and wearing a swimming suit It stands out for the design of its high legs, adorned with thin metal chains on the sides, an outfit that she complemented with a straw hat, with which she accentuated her overall look to show off her silhouette. and gave a flirtatious touch and nimble style,

Khalifa appears with millions of his fans. Photo: IG @miakhalifa

The entertainment world is in shock over the alleged death on Friday 28 January KalifaHowever, everything was an illusion, and the Lebanese model continues to add fans, although to this day her Facebook account appears as “in memory”, which may confirm the theory that she is leaving behind her past. Wants, with an incident that became a trend in social networks.

Sarah Joe She was born on 10 February 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon, her religion was Muslim due to her roots, but as a girl, at the age of only nine, her family moved to the United States, later she converted to Christianity. took. She is currently in a stable relationship with Puerto Rican singer Jha Cortez.

The influential person experiences beauty. Photo: IG @miakhalifa

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