Michael Myers tells you why you should watch ‘Halloween Ends’ and not ‘Chuckie’

Who’s a better killer than Michael Myers and Chunky? Both the characters have starred in great slasher classics and have recently returned to the screen and in SensaCine Latam we tell you which is the best option to spend the spooky season.

The month of October was filled with great releases both in theaters and around the world streaming, The most anticipated was executed by two of the most dreaded villains of the eighties, On the one hand, the terrifying Michael Myers returns to the city of Haddenfield to continue his killing spree and eventually encounters Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). halloween endswhile the hackensack people were being terrorized by the deranged Chucky In his new Star Plus series.

But let’s see who is the better killer? During one of our segments called Pitch Wars, The SensaCine Latam team met to discuss which title is best to celebrate scary weather, Michael Myers and Chucky were our special guests on this occasion.

David Gordon Green’s new film left fans divided as not everyone was convinced of the film’s outcome, however. Whoever. closely followed the saga of Halloween and have seen all other sequelsI couldn’t ignore this title, As this is the finale of one of the most iconic slasher movies, though we are sure it won’t be the last.

Michael Myers Appears in ‘The Bride of Chucky’ and You Don’t Remember.

Killer Doll, on the other hand, has featured in its series on Star Plus, which recently premiered its second season. And let’s face it, Chucky has stopped intimidating the audience because of the absurdity of watching a doll kill people, but Don Mancini Did an exceptional job of making awesome, adding touches of comedy nice gay Without giving up on his sinister side, he became an amusing character that he loved so much in the eighties.

Similarly, the fearful doll has been adapted to the current circumstances where technology plays in its favor, Because yes, Chucky rides an Uber and knows how to use Facebook. As well as opening up the dialogue to current conversations like the intolerance of the LGBT+ community, Boogeyman feels great. vintage, Wasn’t he also accused of being homophobic?

What makes Michael better than Chucky? It must be admitted that both the characters have been exploited to the extent of exhaustion, But along the way he has garnered a legion of fans from all generations. Each one has managed to scare the audience in their own way without leaving bloody deaths. Also, their success was such that they were supposed to star in a movie together!

star Plus

For the earlier series he continued to use animatronics as in the first film.

but we must say that Shape It has a dark complexion, as it is a metaphor for evil and how society reacts to it, showing us that it only changes form and can happen to anyone, Whereas Chucky is the only difference between good and evil, where the spirit of Charles Lee Ray manipulates the rest to satisfy his thirst for revenge. So for the occasion the killer created by John Carpenter has won, she also has the most coveted Scream Queen, a double prize, don’t you think?

Universal Studio

Michael Myers appeared without a mask for the first time.

Do you agree with our opinion? Halloween: Last Night Continuing at Cinépolis and Cinemax, you can still buy your tickets while Chucky premiered its second season on Star Plus. Both are great options to spend this weekend.

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