Michelle Salas and her tricks to get a flat stomach without exercise

Michelle Salas just gave us an important lesson in beauty by sharing her secret to envying abs, and this time she showed what she does to get a flat stomach without exercising, so it’s time to try it out in the coming weeks. Get inspired by the offer.

Just when we thought a perfect sporting routine was the key to a defined silhouette, the celeb reminds us that there are so many ways to shape our silhouette, the best part is that she shows us one option that’ll surprise you with the results. . We love how easy it is!

This is how Michelle Salas removes the lower abdomen

Via her Instagram account, the model shared some stories showing her massage sessions that help sculpt her waist, exfoliate and tone her body. As detailed in his post, when coupled with a sports routine, in addition to a good diet, the results are amazing.

This is how Michelle Salas removes the lower abdomen. Photo: IG

What is Reductive Massage?

It involves applying pressure on the abdominal area with a special technique that helps to eliminate fat, the aim is to reduce the swelling in the abdomen in certain strategic areas. Don’t forget that you should always do this in the hands of a professional in the field.

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