Michelle Salas shows off the exercise that gets rid of a bulging belly in a week

Michelle Salas has surprised us by sharing one of her bad sports routines to eliminate bulging belly and on this occasion she chose a proposal that we can definitely recreate at home, so we give you Recommend getting inspired by this good habit that will improve your silhouette. from the first week.

Dare to build impact abs without investing many hours in the gym, as the celeb shares her favorite trick for building perfect abs. Remember that before applying any discipline you should go with an expert in that field who will accompany you in the world of fitness.

This is how Michelle Salas gets a wasp waist

The model shared a video through her Instagram account in which she showed her exercises to tone the lower abdomen. On occasion, he did squats with the aid of a device that anchored his legs and made it easier for him to move. This motion is ideal because it works with body weight while strengthening the entire upper body.

This is how Michelle Salas gets a wasp waist. Photo: IG

How to do sit-ups by Michele Salas?

This is a very easy workout to do at home, all you need is two paper plates or some small towels. Invert your body, placing the elements under your feet, lift your body with your arms and move your legs toward your chest. Do 15 repetitions for at least four circuits.

Would You Try Michelle Salas’ Exercises to Eliminate Belly Bulging in a Week?

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