Microsoft Teams wants to compete with Discord and offers to build communities in its mobile app for free

Microsoft Teams announces the launch of the Community feature, an experience Allows users to connect, share and collaborate, Moreover, it is already being implemented in the free version for iOS and Android mobiles.

The technology company recognizes that, despite the fact that the way users interact has changed, “there are some things that have not changed in the hybrid world”, which is why it has created a function that allows for human connection. The community gives.

This need led to the birth of “communities”, with which users can meet, organize and share ideas with other members of the group, provided that Free version of Microsoft Teams is used on iOS and Android devices. For the web version on the other hand, this functionality will come later.

Thanks to them, users will be able Organize events and add them to a common calendar So that all the members of that community know about the said date. Just like that, Can share and store documents Share and filter shared content to access photos, videos, events and links.

Microsoft has indicated that administrators of these communities have the ability to control their settings, set guidelines, and moderate content in them, as well as Add and remove participants,

In the case of adding events to the community calendar, administrators will be able to take different actions based on whether they are virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. Thus, for meetings onlineThey will be able to invite other participants to join and track attendance.

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However, for face-to-face meetings, these users will have the opportunity to add the location where the meeting or meeting will take place, as well as precise directions to get there thanks to a visual map.

To use this functionality, users must Stay in the Home tab of the mobile application, where there will be a space called ‘Community’.

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