Microsoft warns of a new scam on LinkedIn: They promise fake jobs to send malware to mobile

some cyber criminals They are posing as real companies For posting fake job offers on LinkedIn and other social employment networks. As Microsoft warns, with this Internet scam, they are looking for victims to install malicious software on their devices.

Microsoft discovered these attacks thanks to researchers at the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC), an area of ​​the technology firm responsible for security and intelligence against cyber threats. Specifically, this scam was aimed at workers from different companies dedicated to very diverse fields. defending hey Media One Aerospace Engineering hey information technology servicesand residents of many countries like US, UK, India and Russia.

According to the brand, cyber attackers have been contacting their victims through platforms like LinkedIn since last June. Through these services, they explicitly encouraged applicants to apply for genuine jobs and promoted communication through WhatsApp, from where they sent files that contained malware hidden, such as PuTTY, KiTTY, ThightVNC, Sumatra PDF Reader or muDFP/subliminal recording.

The multinational company has blamed a group of cyber criminals for these scams. ZINC, affiliated with the North Korean government And that it has been active since 2009. Microsoft details that its objectives “focus on espionage, data theft, financial gain, and network distribution.”

Cybercriminals are believed to have sent an email with a WhatsApp backup.

The company has informed users who have been victims of these cyber attacks that they should protect their respective accounts. In addition, Internet users should remove all traces of Trojans installed with the antivirus.

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