Microsoft will remove the option to add your own domain to Outlook next year

with subscription Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal, users have been able (at least until now) to create a custom domain for their email. Instead of ‘’, premium customers can register by entering their company name or anything of their choice. However, the company has announced that this function will disappear next year.

,till 30th November, 2023You will no longer be able to associate a new personal email address (for example, with your mailbox”, he informed via an email that he sent to customers of his paid services .

This is the message that reaches premium users about the company's decision.
This is the message that reaches premium users about the company’s decision.

Fortunately, the measure that Microsoft intends to adopt This will not affect accounts that already exist or those created before the end of the specified period. This means that if you were planning on customizing your Outlook account, you would have to hurry and do it in November, as this possibility will not be available in December of next year.

The emails we receive or send may be of interest to cybercriminals.

Additionally, users who choose to delete their existing personalized email address should note that They will not be able to change their decision later.

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