Miguel Bose was hospitalized in Mexico

Miguel Bose underwent surgery for a herniated disc for some time due to severe pain (Photo: Europa Press)

spanish singer miguel bose it was admitted to hospital in Mexico after presenting many problems of disc herniation, In addition, it was reported that they had to undergo a SurgeryDue to which he had to cancel the promotion of his book Secret stories of my best songs in Spain.

On the morning of this 4 October it was announced that Miguel Boas was in a hospital in Mexico, suffering from sharp pain, suffering from years ago. Since it got to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore, he had to go through operating roomthe agency told EFE,

According to editorial sources sword One EFEa singer herniated disc surgery And because of this he had to cancel the promotion of his book. Bose is in Mexico, where he has been living for several years, so he underwent the procedure in the country and would not be able to go for a few weeks, for the same reason, his trip to Spain for the launch. Secret stories of my best songs this will not happen.

There is no further information so far about the current state of health of the interpreter. thug lover,

It should be remembered that in 1999 the Spaniards had to face a spectacular traffic accident for which he fell into a coma and fracture of a lumbar vertebra, He lay in bed for several weeks, only to use one orthopedic corset for months.

Bose’s health is believed to have been critical for more than two years. Complications, as it was rumored that he would be suffering from a degenerative disease, although he has not confirmed this information. Since August 2021, the Spaniard has won the A. is maintained low profile and only shown publicly during the memoir propaganda, son of captain thunder,

Bose will start promoting his new book next week in Spain, a country he has not visited since last November (Photo: EFE/Saschenka Gutierrez)
Bose will start promoting his new book next week in Spain, a country he has not visited since last November (Photo: EFE/Saschenka Gutierrez)

At the time it was spread that Miguel Boas would be kept in solitary confinement at his home in Mexico. avoid getting caught by the press, This version of the singer’s health was confirmed thanks to the media of his native country. Program together of telemadrid announced that for months the theory had been circulating that the interpreter of i am the wind He didn’t want his audience to see him in this position vulnerability,

Journalist Axel Rodriguez assured that it was difficult to have any contact with Luis Miguel Dominguin’s son at the time because he did not have an active social life and refused to interact with reporters.

“He is a man who is practically not even related to journalists, it is quite difficult to talk to him, it is true that he has very few friends and as one journalist told me, He is a sad person with all his surroundings, He is also very distrustful of them, ”commented the presenter in 2021.

Furthermore, in 2020 his followers showed that there was a time when it seemed that he was persistent i lost my breathinvolved while participating in reality little giants The controversy was fueled because speak a little And, as it turned out, had difficulty walking,

However, in April 2021 he remarked through an interview in Spain that there are times when lose your voice, however he manages to recover it. As he revealed, this is due to excesses which was throughout his career.

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