Miguel Bose’s song he wrote for the woman he loved the most

miguel bose

The series of Miguel Bos revealed one or another secret in the life of the famous Spanish singer. And one of the most shocking secrets is that he lost a son in his youth, when the singer was barely 18 years old.

It turns out that he met a young woman named Barbara, with whom he fell in love while living in Italy and trying his luck as an actor; As a result of this love, young Barbara was expecting a child; But misfortune knocked on his door.

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In a motorcycle accident, the young woman lost the child they were expecting, and the blow was terrible for her, the relationship could not even survive this hard blow. Bose elaborated on the relationship, “All those happy dreams were shattered in one oversight” The Spaniard wrote, “We broke up, we distanced ourselves and love fell into a sinkhole of reproach and tears. Gone”.

The song that Bose wrote

At this time he wrote the famous song “Cute”, which titled his second album and spoke about a love that cannot be forgotten, not even in the arms of another man.

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