Milestone in quantum computing: They develop the first 6-qubit processor made of silicon

Researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have achieved universal control of a six-qubit quantum processor in silicon, but what are qubits? this quantum system process too much information Thanks to quantum physics, they can even be in two states at the same time.

The fact of conducting them in silicon (the same material used in electronic devices) makes Technology is potentially more viable, Stephen Phillips (quantum computing researcher) indicates in a study published in Nature that “the current challenge consists of two parts, to develop qubits of sufficient quality and to develop an architecture that allows large systems to be achieved”. gives.”

Qubits are composed of single electrons stationary in a row, 90 nanometers apart, arranged in a row of ‘quantum dots’ on silicon. By carefully improving the way electrons are prepared, managed and monitored, the team was able to control quantum mechanical property which allows the qubit state.

The researchers were also able to create logic gates and two- or three-electron entangled systems with low error rates. other thing, Used Microwave Radiation, Magnetic Field and Electric Potential To control and read the spins of electrons, operating them as qubits and making them interact with each other.

Lieven Vandersipen (electrical engineer) notes that “in this research, we expanded the number of qubits in silicon and achieved higher initialization, readout, single-qubit gate and two-qubit state fidelity. What is different is that we have demonstrated all these characteristics together in a single experiment. record number of qubits,

The biggest advantage of silicon is that the manufacturing and supply chain is already established, which means that Transition from scientific lab to real machine should be easy, Experts continue to work to improve the qubit record.

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