Millie Bobby Brown reveals details of her awkward relationship with Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown have teamed up for a franchise enola HolmesThey already have two movies together and have done very well in terms of popularity, and that is that every time they release a new installment, they get a devastating success thanks to their platform, Netflix.

Thanks to this, everyone thinks that Cavill and Millie have a really close relationship as if they were brothers, but it’s actually the opposite. And this is in a recent interview with Deadline Miley policeman brown revealed that her relationship with Henry Cavill is really awkward.

“When I’m with Henry, it feels like an adult relationship. It’s like a very good friendship, a healthy one. I’m not allowed to ask anything, it’s like ‘Millie, stop the fuck’, and I just say ‘Understand’.

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Brown’s revelation had mixed opinions on social networks, and it is that some comment henry Cavil It’s just disgusting to see an 18-year-old actress being treated this way when others actually give Cavill their respect, and it’s a really good way to avoid a misunderstanding that could affect her career in the future.

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