Millions at risk of heavy snow and flooding from cross-country winter storm

A cross-country winter storm is expected to bring severe weather, including heavy snow and flooding, to several states as it winds its way across Central America.

The National Weather Service forecast that heavy snow and blizzards are expected across the Great Plains and Midwest through late Monday. The “major storm” will produce multiple, widespread and impactful weather hazards across the heart of the country this week, the NWS said.

Expected extreme weather is part of the same system as the weekend snowed heavily In the Sierra Nevada, while rain at lower elevations began to watch for flooding in large areas of California in Nevada.

The NWS said flash floods and severe weather were expected across the southern and central Plains Monday night and into the lower Mississippi Valley through midweek.

Tracking a winter storm as it moves east


By Tuesday, severe hail, winds and tornadoes could occur across Texas and northern Louisiana. Forecasters said the storm would continue southeast into Florida through the end of the week.

Blizzard warnings were in place on Monday for areas stretching along the Rockies’ front range from Montana to Colorado, and the National Weather Service said up to 2 feet of snow was possible in parts of western South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska. Meanwhile, snow and hail were expected across the eastern Great Plains.

The Eastern Plains in Colorado received its first Blizzard Warning of the season, effective midnight Monday through midnight Tuesday. CBS Colorado informed of. The area is expected to see up to 10 inches of snow and wind gusts up to 60 mph – conditions that potentially lead to road closures.

The Weather Channel’s Mike Bates told “CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell on Monday that heavy snow and strong wind gusts would make travel “impossible” in parts of the country.

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