Mobile rental: The trick to save while always having the latest technology

Mobile phones are the most sought after devices in the electronic market in recent years. Manufacturers sell phones at any price, but users usually look at the most expensive products with a ‘wishing eye’ as they usually offer much higher autonomy, performance, latest generation software and quality cameras.

Those brands like Samsung or iPhone become the ‘I want and I can’t’ of many people, however, to carry the latest fashionable model always there is the option of mobile rental.

But how does this service work? Interested parties pay initial entry with fee for X month contractIn addition, there are companies that offer comprehensive insurance that covers repairs, theft or falls.

some pages that have this service Son PC Components, Grover, Simple, Rentic, Paid In The City, O2 or Samsung.

Las Benefit of on rent They are the low cost of owning a new mobile, the desired amount of time to contract, the included coverage that fixes problems, and the fixed cost throughout the subscription.

On the other hand, the Harm They are fulfillment of a contract, the mobile is not the property of the user, late payment incurs additional commissions, and when you stop paying, the device is lost.

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