Mohini Seer: November Horoscope

this month of november letter of “Ace of Cups”Which means you should increase your wealth and be more careful in your expenses. magic day For your fire sign they will be 4, 11, 17 y 22, that will fill you with good fortune in everything you do. You color will be yellow in abundance and you will have two strokes of luck with numbers 9 y 13, You should play them on the Tuesday of each week. A new job opportunity will come to you, you just have to be more considerate Do not talk about your successes with your comments. your sign is very tormented the envyit will be the middle month two love Which will distract you a lot. They will look for you from an old job to invite you to participate. You will replace your car more recently. You will buy a house or apartment, not only that Pressure to the target

letter of “Tower” This means that in November you should be smart while deciding your future, that is, think more than twice before acting; What you’ve built can collapseSo be careful with the changes. you will have a magical day 3, 09, 14 and 21 november Who will give you good luck in everything you do and you color will be lucky azuli, Your magic numbers would be 4 and 25. This month you can change your thoughts and ways of beingRemember that you will be given the opportunity to be more controlled in your impulses and thus achieve more goals in life. if your situation mate Not a given, better leave it and start with people who are more compatible with your sign than they are cancer You Fish house, You will continue the diet. try to take more hours of sleepRemember that the day was made for working and the night for sleeping.

The card you got in the tarot horoscope “ride box”it tells you that in this month do not stopFollow without fear and you will get the success you want so much, just beware of those who only seek steal your good energy, you will have the best day 1, 11, 15 y 27In which you will be lucky in terms of job and new projects, will be your color blanco and your lucky numbers 6 y 35, you will give lucky break this month because you positive energy regenerates itself, A new love of the sign will find you Sagittarius hey Libra that he will discuss the formality with you. Your care For back or neck pain, set the stress aside. you will go through a plastic Surgery Or you will decide to change the way you eat and be healthier. You will save for replacing your car. don’t do good things that seem bad,

Have you received it “sun letter” which means your sign will shine loose My And you will achieve the goals you were searching for this whole year. you can get out Travel hey Change On the outskirts of the country for professional development. Your magic day Will happen 7, 12, 19 y 23In which you will get double luck. You color will be plentiful Verde Strong and yours lucky numbers 2 and 10, Remember that your sign is designed to be successful, just try to follow the productive guidelines of your life. Don’t be so expressive about your point of view because not everyone likes you well and they are jealous of you; try to be considerate, You’ll change cell phones and payment plans. Don’t look for the love that’s no longer with youWhat happens is convenient, better look for pairs more compatible with your sign Virgo hey fish, relax and do everything Flow,

“Control” This is the tarot card that will dominate you this month, i.e. quietEverything will pass and all the prosperity you wish for this month will come to you. you will get help archangel miguelDon’t hesitate to invoke it, that you will be heard. TeaYour magical days will be 6, 10, 14 and 25Where you will be successful in everything you do. your color will be orange and your lucky numbers 7 y 11, play ’em, you’ll give three strokes buena Luck Feather lottery, Do not process any credit, what you are going to pay must be in cash to avoid being in debt. You will do the paperwork for your university degree and plan for a master’s degree. Don’t look for the love that’s no longer there for youRemember that sometimes you put your own obstacles to not be happy. There will be a formal relationship with a person of the zodiac this month. Aries hey ScorpionVery compatible with you.

letter of the month “star” Will bring you sure wins and positive job changes, so try to be 100% with yourself good attitude That everything you want will be given. Magic days will be 01, 09, 16 and 26will be the color of your abundance Rojo and yours Number magical 6 Y20, that in the lottery you will get two strokes of luck. You will process a loan for a house or renovate what you have. Your care In cases of migraines and neurological problems, try to continue exercising. You will get a chance in the workplace grow professionally And they will raise you up. Single Virgo will have a very strong and intense loveWhich will make them feel good. Beware of accidents, be more careful these days. friend of zodiac Aries He will propose you a business which will be very good.

The card turned out in the tarot for this month “devil”it means you have to be more Precaution With your friends and coworkers because you have hidden enemies, they are the ones who talk well to you, but tend to stab you in the back. you would have Pennies Excessive with in the lottery Numbers 15 and 66and your colors red and pink, Your best days: 8, 13, 19 y 23, there will be many Pressure In your work with boards to define Change of rank, you will be very important in decision making because being a Libra is supposed to be of positions of hierarchy and order. someone from your work or school invites you outBut remember that this is most likely not recommended because they will keep showing up if they don’t look good. In love will be fineLooking for the ideal partner during your zodiac sign november And it is certain that in those days he will come into your life.

It turned out in tarot cards “testing”And because it’s the month of your birthday, it tells us you’ll have time to do mental maturity and professional development. it’s time to take decisions to grow Financially and lovingly. Lottery extra money will come No. 3 and 19the colors of your prosperity blue and white, The best days would be: 2, 16, 19 and 21, They invite you to work or go for a walk with your partner. be careful with your moneyTry not to show it so much and be more discreet so that you don’t provoke jealousy. make efforts in matters of health rest more And don’t be so pressured, remember that your sign dominates Problem hormonal and psychology, You are the best winner, but try not to run with two at the same time because sooner or later! they will realize,

during novemberyour lucky colors orange and yellowYour Magic Numbers: 1 y 29With them you will get two strokes of luck in the lottery and your The best days are 3, 09, 19 and 24, got you in tarot “Ez de Bastos”so there will be one new job offer and paid better. Don’t be afraid to say yes to what’s presented to you, you have success will be on your side. This month will be important for your love relationship if you stay or goJust try to focus on your decision and go to an expert to guide you in your passionate life. you will have an aesthetic operation that will be out for good, Arrange credit papers to repay the loan. would be a month of many parties and go out with friends. don’t get in trouble they are not yoursEveryone has to take responsibility for his life.

you got the letter “King”so it will take a month to reach the higher level you WorkIt’s time to be successful, don’t be afraid of what they will say and show your authenticity because you are on the right track, Lucky numbers 21 and 30. Huh For lottery games, your the colors of prosperity yellow and blue, and your Day magical, 4, 11, 17 y 23, For this month I recommend you to liquidate all your debts and announcement of you Economyit’s time to save for one Future, In your work you get recognition from managers and they offer you a salary increase. ten caution With the problem of obesity, it is better to continue the diet. start shopping for your gifts Christmas So there is no pressure on you. If you go for a walk in the morning then you have Communications with the divine and that yours energy be more Positive,

“as gold” It turns out in Tarot, it means that you can ask for whatever you want because you will get, abundance It will come to you a handful this month, so don’t hesitate and start your own business or change your job For a more productive one. Your The magic days are 3, 7, 12 and 23, colour’s belong to prosperity Orange and greenThe Number magical, 28 y 88, Those will be many working days and there will be changes in your work, try not to stress With whatever you’re going to live with. Remember that your zodiac sign is strong and will always be Solution Ideal to solve problems. You will come to know about the marriage of a friend, which will give you great happiness. take care of your back and kidneysDrink more water and skip the alcohol and salt. They invite you to go on a trip with your friends. A very pleasant surprise comes from your love Taurus hey Librawho will find you to live,

for November, letter from “World”then your success will be in change countrycity ​​or place of work because it is time driving force energyDon’t be suspicious because something important is coming for you, just try to be discreet and don’t talk about it to anyone so don’t fill yourself up with bad energy, The magic days are 5, 8, 12 and 23, your colors are abundant white and greenand yours Number magical 17 y 26, This Month Is God’s, So You Totally Define Where It Goes you Life And in which direction do you want to take it? decision-making days will be be happy with yourself and your pair. a. You will have additional income for the question of Contract And a productivity bonus. Teacaring about the love of the past Because you will be involved in gossip or claims, it is better that you decide to be happy with your partner.

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