Mohini Vidante: Horoscope of the Week

Mhoni Vidente tells you what awaits you in love this week, what is your tarot card and the best tips to achieve financial and emotional abundance. Know what fate has prepared for you.

The week of having great energy around you, where abundance will be yours; The time has come for you to take everything good. A recommendation, try to be a little more organized in what you are going to do so that you have enough time and do not give so much importance to criticism from people who are only jealous of you; Your zodiac sign has the power to remove all that negative energy just by wishing. You will think of more formal relationship with your partner, it is time to create family. You have found “The Hermit” in the tarot card, which means that you will get enough spiritual support to get out of your problems. You are the power of change towards the positive. You will be lucky with the numbers 11 and 15 on Wednesday; Use more red and orange colors in your clothes to attract more luck and positive energy.

You will continue with your life projects throughout the week, i.e. you will create a legacy for your future and you will look for the best job option, remember that your sign is the strongest to attract money, so don’t miss these growth opportunities. Will study the possibility of going home, will go on a trip due to work reasons. In the Tarot horoscope, the “Temperature” card will guide you and says that it is time to engage a little more with spirituality and find inner peace. Remember that your zodiac sign is earthy and sometimes you demand too much of yourself, you punish yourself a lot, so it is time to love yourself more. Do not forget that the spiritual law tells us “as inside, so is outside”. You will get a stroke of luck with points 09 and 21, your colors will be blue and white, and your best day will be Thursday.

Problems in terms of work will come your way throughout the week, remember that your air sign is very perfectionist and it bothers you that others are not. On the day you shop for your home and paint your home, remember that you are in the best shape to live. Geminis who are married will go through lawsuits and jealousy, so try to find the best solution. Singles will meet more compatible people, remember that passion is dominated by your zodiac sign, so there will be lots of sex days. At the end of the month, you will receive an invitation to go on a trip with your relatives. The card “The Fool” in the tarot horoscope means that you should trust your judgment power more. A stroke of luck will come to you on Monday with points 06 and 40, your colors of luck will be orange and yellow.

This week the energies of your work will be very mixed i.e. changes and revisions are coming in the position of directors. You will make some changes in your person and you will try to become better in everything related to your love life, remember that your zodiac sign is very emotional and this can lead to many doubts in you as a couple, so relax and your enjoy the relationship. Take care of neurological problems and change of your mind. Don’t look for the love that has been missed, remember that you must have more inner strength and let it go. “The Star” in the Tarot Horoscope indicates that life is a bright light, you need to take more risks to get what you want. There will be few days to get new opportunities for progress. You will have a lucky break with points 02 and 39. Your colors will be white and red. Your best day will be Tuesday.

There will be a radical change in terms of work these days. You will receive funds for commissions, credit card payments, and measure your expenses. You will go on a trip with your family or friends at the end of the month and you will get university award. Single Leo will be in love with Gemini or Capricorn which will be very favorable. Take care of bowel and stomach problems, avoid getting angry and harboring hatred. In the Tarot horoscope you have received the card “Ace of Wands”, which means that you will have the power to make the necessary changes in your life. This card advises you to think twice or more about what you do with your destiny. You will get lucky holiday with numbers 08 and 17. Use green and red colors more to attract luck. Your best day will be Thursday, bet, don’t miss the chance.

A week of doubts about your future work, remember that your thinking is very strong and you will always be given what you want, so try to keep your mind in a positive mode. You will receive additional money for lottery issues with 07 and 20 points. Use more yellow and green colors to attract luck. Monday will be a good day for you. You will settle a legal matter in which you will be victorious. It’s time to get out of your family environment and explore your independence a bit, it’s always necessary to mature and be alone for some time. Those Virgo people who are in a relationship, their pregnancy will be at the door. In the tarot card you have found “The Tower”, which indicates reconciliation with yourself and with others. Don’t deny your success, remember that whatever you ask for will be given to you and the universe will conspire in your favor so that you will be filled with victory.

You will continue to have festivities and good news around you throughout this week, just try not to fall into such vices and overindulgence of food that can harm your health. If you have received the card “The Sun” in the Tarot, it means that you should seek happiness no matter what happens around you. This card also tells you that you are very strong and should not be afraid of challenges, as you are in the process of starting a business from which you will emerge victorious. Don’t think about it anymore and get that cosmetic surgery that you desperately need and you will see that your self-esteem will improve. Beware of past love who only wants to harm you, stay away from those people. You will be lucky with numbers 01 and 33, your lucky colors are red and blue, and your best day is Wednesday. A new love will come in your life with strength and stability.

You will embark on a new work adventure to grow professionally and so that there will be a positive change in your life. You’ve got the “lover” card in the tarot, so you should prioritize your plans and not let yourself be defeated by any remarks they make about you. Remember that your element is water and this makes you very emotional, but you must believe that whatever you do, good will come and bad times are behind you. You should put more strength in your work so that you will get financial bonus and salary increase. Love will be at your doorstep to formalize, don’t let it pass you by as it is time to live as a couple. You will get a stroke of luck with the numbers 05 and 44, your colors are white and green, and your best day is Thursday. Take care of your personal items to avoid losing them.

This week you will get a stroke of luck with the numbers 19 and 23, try to use more yellow and orange color to attract luck especially on Friday. These days you will rediscover yourself and get rid of the negative thoughts that have surrounded you for a long time. Your sign is dominated by the brain system, your thinking is so strong that it turns out to be true, so leave negative situations in the past. If you have received the card “The Magician” in the Tarot, you will have a time of financial abundance, but give up that bad love and friendship in which only economic interest is seen. You will have enough strength to face your fears and get out of any situation. In love, someone with a lot of light will come to you who will fill you with peace, you should appreciate this because your sign is too sensual and you don’t really appreciate the person who loves you.

You have received the card “The Carriage” in the Tarot horoscope, you are in the stage of confirmation, do not be afraid of what they will say and show how strong and capable you are to carry out the tasks in your mind. This card with your zodiac sign is an effective synergy in terms of earning money and gaining recognition in the job, so this is the best phase of the month for you. Remember that depressive states and laziness have no place, this is the time to act as one in life. Take a little more care of your health, especially in case of migraines and bowels, try to follow a healthy diet and exercise. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 27 and 30, your colors of prosperity are yellow and green and your best day is Tuesday. Do not look for problems where there are none, try to live love in peace.

It’s time to leave the past in oblivion, no longer think about how things could have turned out, your sign is strong and charismatic and you will soon find the happiness and stability you seek. You have got “The Emperor” in tarot cards, it means prosperity is on your side, you will make the best decision these days to grow financially. You also need independence and a consistent move. This card indicates that you are on the right track in matters of love, the person you are with is about to have a serious relationship. Beware of betrayal at workplace, you should be careful and not get into trouble. You get a demand that you will be able to fix in the best way possible. Your lucky numbers are 25 and 50, use yellow and blue colors more, Thursday will be your best day.

The week of making important professional decisions, always look for the best option for your sign to feel useful and recognized. In tarot cards you have got “The Force”, it means intelligence and adaptability, your greatness as a person will have no limits and you will be able to do any of your tasks, just try to be prudent so you Do not fill yourself with negative energy. Remember in your family matters that you are the pillar of your home, you have to help everyone to get out of their problems. A love from the past is looking for you to ask you to get back together, everyone makes mistakes, I suggest you give yourself one more chance to be in the relationship. Single Pisces will be in love with Libra or Cancer. Your lucky numbers are 18 and 31, your color is orange and white, your best day will be Wednesday.

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