Mohini Vidante: Horoscope of the Week

This week hello vidante Tells you what awaits you amorowhat your Tarot Cardshow will it go in Work and luck. Know what fate has prepared for you.

Archangel Raphael indicates that you should heal your soul with an increase in your positive energy, which will help you achieve your goals this week. To achieve this, you must pray, exercise, learn to eat healthy and, above all, surround yourself with people who contribute to your life; That way, you’ll see how everything will be made in one case. Health, “The Devil” is your tarot card, alerting you to beware of hidden enemies, the evil eye, and envy. you will get a Pennies By lottery with extra numbers 06 and 13, and your colors will be red and yellow. Mars planet this will be your best day and a day will come amoro Earth element compatibility, which will last for a long time in your life. They will invite you to go on a trip these days, take advantage of it. Do other activities that help you reduce your stress and tension levels.

You will have to cure your addictions and you will learn to control your thoughts better, points out the Archangel Raphael to lead a healthier life. remember Taurus That everything can be done, but with measure and thus enjoy well-being. I recommend exercising if you need a daily activity that relaxes you. You have got “The Star” in the Tarot cards, which will give better opportunities for financial and job growth this week. Also, this card invites you to make late payments which stabilize your economy. A very favorable love of the water element will come. Taurus Those who are in a couple will get married at the door. Your magic numbers are 03 and 22, Wednesday will be your Mother’s Day. Luck and the color of your abundance is blue; Try using it more in your daily clothes to summon good energies.

You have to stay positive in the worst of situations, which will bring out the best in you, recommends Archangel Raphael. Appreciate things as life experiences, not as obstacles that just get in your way. Remember that your sign always tends to think for two and sabotage itself by not believing it deserves happiness, for this reason Archangel Raphael encourages you to have a positive mindset throughout the day, to encourage good times. Above all, say a prayer for your positive energy to grow. In the Tarot you have received the card “The Judgment”, which indicates that you will achieve victory in that pending legal situation. Your magic numbers are 05 and 43, your color will be orange and Thursday will be your Mother’s Day. Luck, It will be a week of great achievements and projects. Don’t hesitate to study the public image course you so want.

Archangel Raphael assures that the cure for all your ailments is unconditional happiness, that is, making you feel that what you are currently living with is the people you want to be with and have a loving relationship. Your well being and happiness is based on the well being of those around you. You’ve got “The World” in the Tarot cards, so it’s time to go on a journey, learn other languages, look for work in another country, and rebuild yourself as much as you can to grow financially. In amoro, You will continue very well with your partner, marriage will be proposed. In the family environment, you will come to know about a disease which will require all your support. Your magic numbers are 08 and 50, your colors are white and grey. monday This will be your magical day, take advantage of it to play the lottery or make an investment that you had a lot of doubts about.

For Leos, Archangel Raphael wants you to get rid of stress and eat healthy, meaning you should start taking control of your anger. Do not forget that getting angry is useless, it only depletes your positive energy; You should reduce stress with exercise and prayer. Be with your loved ones and above all, stay away from evils that leave nothing healthy. In the Tarot cards you have received “The Force”, which tells you not to stop, it is time for you to grow professionally and achieve your financial goals. Also, this card indicates that you are going through a complicated situation, do not think that you are alone, Archangel Raphael will help you to solve it. be careful in Work With negative energies, try to be more defensive. from your number Luck They are 07 and 66, your purples and reds. you will have the best day Thursday,

loss Virgo They must cure their psycho-emotional state, indicates Angel Raphael, so they must learn to overcome all the negative situations around them and start mental healing in their lives, which is why they suffer from migraines, Stress and insomnia suffer from, above all, neck and back problems. It is easy to live life without so many worries and think that everything should be solved at the right time. In the Tarot, you have received the card “Death”, which means that radical changes will take place in your life; That negative past dies and a new professional stage re-emerges in your present. Your boss’s review is coming this week. You will get an invitation to a social event where you will meet important people. Wednesday this will be your best day and your numbers Luck 11 and 23. Yellow will be your color of abundance.

Archangel Raphael recommends that you encourage the healing of forgiveness, but not forgetfulness, that is, no longer associate with those who harmed you, although this does not mean that you go through life as if nothing had happened was. Just try to remove the annoyance from your life and move on. It is better to surround yourself with people who give you encouragement and vitamins to be happy. If you have found “The Sun” in your Tarot cards, it means that you are preparing to go on vacation with your family and take the opportunity to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones. This card also tells you that Pennies It will flow without limits, so you should take advantage of that fine streak that will come to you professionally. Your magic numbers are 17 and 35, your day Luck it will be Friday And the colors of your abundance are green and yellow.

Your sign is governed by alcohol and drug vices, which is why Archangel Raphael encourages you to start a diet with more vegetables and fruits and to heal your liver and kidneys, in addition to leading a life with more exercise. , which will make you body start working better. I also recommend meditation days and sleep well so that your soul is in harmony. The tarot card you have found “The Wheel of Fortune” suggests that this will be a week to be on top of your affairs. Work And that the economy of your life will flow better so that you can pay off some of the debts of the past. This card also recommends that you beware of those who ask for something from you. Pennies Borrow. from your number Luck There are 01 and 16, your colors of abundance are white and blue, and you will have the best day Mars planet,

Archangel Raphael will guide you during this week, so I advise you to calm down and not lead such a crazy and run-of-the-mill life. Sometimes your sign does not attach importance to what you are experiencing in the present and is overly concerned about the future, so you must learn to calm down and know that everything happens at the right time. You can start a meditation and prayer routine for more peace of mind, but, above all, a good diet. You’ve Got “Temperance” in Tarot Cards, So Expect a New Proposal These Days WorkWhich will give you lots of happiness. This card also tells you whether you should start a diploma or language course so that you can travel to other countries. you will have the best day Thursdayyour numbers Luck They are 19 and 31, while red and white would be the lucky colors for you.

In the tarot card you have found “El Loco”, it indicates double luck in a game of coincidence with the numbers 25 and 30, your best day will be Tuesday and the colors of your luck: purple and orange. This is the time to mature and the inheritance begins with the purchase of a house or a car. A week of tensions regarding examinations and revision Work, In amoroYou will continue as a winner and someone Aries hey Libra It will come to live in your life. Archangel Raphael asks you to heal your character, control your anger, and decide who are the positive people in your life. Your sign gets very confused with the people around him, believing they are false friendships and toxic love, so you get so gutted, learn to live with people who will give you peace in your life. Giving happiness and good energy to live from.

Archangel Raphael asks you to fix the past so as not to live with anger and despair, it’s time to let go and receive new blessings that will make you completely happy. If you have found “The Carriage” in the Tarot card, it means that you will have a new job offer. That’s why you shouldn’t withhold or refuse the good Luck Due to which there will be economic abundance. This card also tells you that you should start your own business as it will work best. In a love affair, you decide to give yourself some alone time to find out who really loves you. you will have the best day Wednesday, your magic numbers are 25 and 51, and your colors are blue and red. Remember that you should be more careful about your plans and not talk about them to anyone so that you don’t get jealous.

Archangel Raphael asks you to accept the things that happen to you in life, learn to relax and not pretend where there is none. You should live without so much stress or quietness, this archangel declares that a miracle will happen in your life that will bring you great joy and satisfaction. You have found “The Emperor” in the tarot card, a sign that this week you will be in your Work and school. It also announces a new level of life with more abundance and power, just beware of gossip and misunderstanding problems with your partners these days. Work, you get one Pennies Lottery bonus with numbers 28 and 33, your lucky colors are red and yellow. Your best day will be Monday and remember that the autumn months will be the best for you to reach the fullness of your passionate life.

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