Moli is smaller than a grain of rice and helps detect breast cancer

MOLY is a diagnostic tool that addresses the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer. This device is smaller than a grain of rice, Facilitates the localization of tumors and locates wounds by inserting a cannula into the chest to locate abnormal tissue.

Introducing molly into the human body requires a necessary coordination between the surgeon, the radiologist, the pathologist and the patient; However, it works differently from cable or wire guided localization.

The traditional method requires that the tumor be detected similarly to surgical intervention, becoming a fairly lengthy surgery that is removed with a probe in the chest, although cables must be attached, which may on some occasions cause discomfort or pain. could be the reason.

In relation to Moly, a tissue marker is implanted that detects the tumor. emit signal for a tool called a ‘Wand’, bearing in mind that the process takes five minutes and Its insertion is barely noticeable,

The product reports the location where the cancer is located and the corresponding size, in addition, does not use radiation and enhances patient safety because the system is portable and Disease can be seen from a tablet,

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