Mona and Geros: This is what the Tiktok Chola influencer looks like after undergoing cosmetic surgery

Lately the world of social networks has seen dazzling new exponents who have succeeded with diverse and innovative content, this is precisely the case of “Cholo” of TikTok, Mona and Geros, Who immediately grabs attention due to his peculiar looks as well as his numerous tattoos on the body and face.

As is well known, influential person Known as “Mona”, who has over 180 thousand followers on social networks such as Instagram, has gained fame throughout the Mexican Republic as she constantly uploads live videos where she performs makeup tutorials.

But not only has her work within aesthetics brought her fame, but she also tells a variety of stories from her personal life, as well as anecdotes or point of view in which she asks the opinions of her followers, with whom He has now shared an intimate moment of his life after going through a Surgery Aesthetics.

Mona had recently operated on Bisutri. Photo: Special

Mona shares her cosmetic surgery

recently creators (called the Chola couple of Tiktok) made their first journey ColombiaA country where the man famous for her vibrant hair colors decided to undergo several cosmetic surgeries that would help her flaunt a figure she had always wanted.

it is known that tiktokar She went to Medellin to have her first intervention with a scalpel, which, in addition to liposuction, included implants to increase the volume of her chest, lipotransferensia Buttocks and hips.

Below we show you Photo Aiming to show a defined and curvy figure what the successful content creator looks like before and after walking into the operating room, with which she has assured that she feels like a goddess, however, she has always shown her self-love. , even before these aesthetic medical procedures.

Mona before and after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Photo: Special


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