Montserrat Olivier got rid of his luxuries

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Only a few days left to celebrate Christmas, drivers of Montese and Joe They discussed in a recent broadcast about the excessive spending that people do this season. So he was montserrat olivier She revealed that inspired to leave behind her most materialistic side, she decided to give away all her branded goods.

The 56-year-old driver was in favor of spending honestly and not wasting money just for status. She assured that she is not attached to material things.

Montserrat Olivier said, “It’s dirty competition that we have and we have a rivalry, let alone we invented it because neither of them matter… It doesn’t occur to me.”

Montserrat Olivier remembers his first marriage (Instagram).

Later, she confessed how she got rid of the luxuries she owned: “Something happened in my life that I had a lot of brand name stuff and all of a sudden 20 fell on me and I said: ‘You know what?’ I am not this and I gave my all.”

Amidst laughter she mentioned that after all it was her sister who had kept those luxury products. She said she “feels richer” for being able to get rid of items she doesn’t identify with or represent, in addition to being able to buy her long-awaited farm.

“I said: ‘It’s not me’, which was my father, but I like to have my farm, that is, you spend so much on clothes, bags, things that they are there and you become a clothes keeper. Because after a while it goes out of fashion”.

He said that he agrees that sometimes one buys apparel from a particular brand but does not spend his entire salary on it.

“Buy yourself a nice bag, a jacket, some shoes, But spend so much on clothes and then have nothing? There are people who have nothing, you don’t have a house or an apartment or anything, but you spend on appearances”.

Montserrat Olivier recalled that as a child she would save her Sundays to buy soap for her father and a toy for his pup, whom she described as an “ass…”.


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