Moonwalkers, the world’s fastest shoes: Increase your walking speed by 250%

If you’re late everywhere, maybe some shoes will make you walking 250% faster be the solution. Although this seems an unrealistic resolution, the truth is that some robotics engineers at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) have created a company called Shift Robotics in which they present their invention with which they can accomplish that task.

The shoes are called moonwalkers and work like skates, but without the user knowing how to ride. According to its developers, These wheels attached to the shoes are very easy to use And they increase their walking speed to more than double the average.

Moonwalkers can be attached to almost any shoe and everyone has one 300 W electric motor for eight polyurethane wheels, as you can find on traditional inline skates. However, the wheels of the invention of Pennsylvania engineers are smaller and do not sit in a row, making it easier to balance.

These devices have sensors that analyze the way the wearer moves and the data they collect is managed by an algorithm. As such, its technology makes them individual-friendly, with the motors’ power automatically adjusted to each foot. and increase or decrease the extra speed they provide According to the step of the user.

In the toe part, Moonwalkers have a piece that can be folded thanks to hinges so that it flexes like a shoe. This feature allows them to feel More comfortable and natural than other devices Which can be used to try to walk faster.

The app offers discounts from major brands and encourages the user to walk.

People generally walk at a speed of 4 to 6.4 kilometers per hour, and the Moonwalkers reach Top speed of about 11.26 km/h (6 mi). Their creators designed them so that they can only reach that speed, even when the user is going down.

According to Shift Robotics, their invention is intended to be used on stairs as well. To do this, individuals must perform a special gesture that turns the wheels off so that they can climb without slipping.

With regards to batteries, Moonwalkers can go Only 9.5 kms. more thanSo that they can become a substitute for getting around the city safely, quickly and permanently.

The app allows you to earn 9.5 coins per day, which is equivalent to 10,000 steps.

So far, Shift Robotics has grown manufacturing 96.682 Euro Through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. On the web, you can pre-order it for $999 (approximately 1,001 euros), which is way cheaper than it would be when it hit the market. However, it is not certain that the article will eventually be marketed.

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