More rockets are entering Earth without control: China begins building its own Starlink

Liu Bing (director of the general design department of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology) said in an interview for China News that the Asian country wants to build A mega constellation of Internet satellites called Guo WangoIncluding more than 12,000 space objects in orbit.

A week after the Chinese Long March 5B rocket entered Earth in an uncontrolled manner, Bing wants to increase the launch rate of such space vehicles: Over the next few years, the Long March 5 series of rockets will move to high-density launches Will go For Meet the country’s needs for faster access and in space at large”.

China used a Long March 5B rocket to launch the module from its space station called Tiangong, although such ‘spreads’ were labeled as problematic because the rocket’s propellant unexpectedly fell to Earth. .

Faced with this problem, Bill Nelson (NASA administrator) explained in a statement last year that “China fails to meet accountability standards About their space debris. It is critical that all astronaut nations and commercial entities act responsibly and transparently in space Ensure long-term safety, stability and stability activities in outer space.

China does not care about the fall of its rockets, moreover, it is unknown whether they will modify the structures or systems of space vehicles for controlled re-entry and reduce payload capacity.

for now, The country should take responsibility for the fall of its rockets. and comply with international standards to ensure the public safety of citizens.

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