Movies premiere in cinemas at Cinépolis and Cinemax from October 21

After a long wait, Cinépolis and Cinemax billboards finally welcome the premiere of Dwayne Johnson’s new blockbuster, “Black Adam”. Terror Month is on and you can even find titles like ‘The Boy Behind the Door’.

It’s already the weekend and both Cinépolis and Cinemax know it! Proof of this is Billboard that welcomed one of the year’s most anticipated superhero blockbusters: Black Adam, the movie starring Dwayne Johnson.who just told us what it would be like to live in a world dominated by bad bunny,

don’t forget that access Presales are now available for titles like Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMarvel Studios movie where they will debut tenoch huerta You mabel chain, One Piece Film: Red; Astro Stargazer: Astroscope; Duran Duran: A Hollywood High, League of Legends Championship – En Vivo You Regions’ Coldplay music live from Buenos Aires,

Now get comfortable, get your popcorn and devise your plan to enjoy a scary bet like Black Adam or the guy behind the door. Here we bring you all the premieres that have popped up on Cinépolis and Cinemax’s Billboards.

black adam

Black Adam is a film based on a comic book character created by Otto Binder and Sissy Beck. It is directed by Catalan filmmaker Jaime Colette-Serra and recreates the origins of one of the most powerful villains in the DC universe. It begins with a city where there was a mix of cultures and wealth, power and magic. Teth Adam, however, had nothing, only heavy chains that enslaved him.

He did what he had to do to change that situation, and for that he was taken prisoner. Five thousand years later, he is set free and has promised that no one will stop him again. He is joined by other legendary creatures: Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Cyclone (Quintesa Swindell), and Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), who together call themselves the Justice Society. An organization that believes in fighting for justice and truth. With the name Black Adam, he will do his best to deliver his message: The only thing he wants is greatness.

the boy behind the door

The Boy Behind the Door is a horror thriller film written and directed by David Charbonnier and Justin Powell (The Jin). In the middle of a common walk in the woods, best friends Kevin O’Connor and Bobby Green are kidnapped. CWhen they wake up, inside a car trunk, Kevin is taken inside a house, while Bobby takes his chance to free himself and escape.,

But unable to leave his friend, whom he overhears begging for help, he decides not to run away and tries to help him, enters the house and discovers two mysterious kidnappers, each other. Clearly more tragic than that. Moving forward in time, in some unknown place, Bobby can implement any number of methods at his young age to get rid of criminals, discovering that his operation is not the first operation he has performed and that it is something worse.,

lullaby’s secret

When Mary (Leela Bekhti), The mother of two young children decided to resume her activity at a law firm, despite complaints from her husband, the couple began to look for a nanny, After extensive casting, they hire Louise (Carin Wired), who quickly wins the boys’ love and slowly takes center stage in the house.

The Mystery of the Lullaby is a thriller based on a novel Lesla Slimani, where slowly the web of interdependence will take its toll to the point of tragedy. A genre of horror that no fan of the genre should miss this time of year and you can buy your tickets from here.

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