MultiCooker Touch Kitchen Robot returns to ALDI supermarkets for 279 euros

MasterPro’s Multicooker Touch Kitchen Robot returns to the ALDI supermarket. The company will once again put this acclaimed product on sale for a limited time at all its establishments in Spain for €279, A limited number of units will be available for each store starting tomorrow, 1 October 2022,

Masterpro Multicooker Touch Kitchen Robot Includes five-inch color display with step-by-step recipe prompts, It has an interface that allows you to prepare dishes and food in a simple way due to its 12 speed levels and scale integrated into the glass.

In addition, this robot can Beat, Chop, Stir, Knead, Mix, Whisk, Grind, Slow Cook, Slice & Slice, Steam, Weigh Meals & Time With Timer, The robot adapts to all cooking conditions and its temperature can vary between 37 and 120 degrees.

It has a cooking power of 1,000 W and a cooking power of 600 W . is the motor power ofSo there is a wide range of possibilities in the kitchen.

The pack that will be available for sale at ALDI supermarkets this Saturday Includes 10 Accessories Like a two-tier steamer, handheld spatula, heavy-duty blades, stainless steel jars, and a built-in scale to master any recipe. All goods except glass can be put in the dishwasher For more comfort.

thank you for your connection Wi-Fi Integrated, Users can access over 350 recipes from Cook & Chef Institute, which are updated according to the news. These recipes are also available in the MasterPro Club app, where you can chat, get tips or create a shopping list.

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