Musk Disappoints and Alternatives Grow Like Mushrooms: This Former Employee Is Creating ‘New Twitter’

Gabor Seisel (former Twitter employee) is building a ‘new Twitter’ in real time Via a multi-tabbed Google document that is visible to the public. In-spite of this Name not known and what will be involved In fact, Cselle has developed a registration list for the users to show their interest.

The signup page shows T2, which appears to be an acronym for Twitter 2, but the former employee tells TechCrunch that “it’s just a placeholder name”. create an alternative appSaying that “I’ve been thinking about the new Twitter for a while. Maybe it’s time.”

Cselle wants to create for a “public class discussion that Be enjoyable, fun, rewarding, valuable and free from harassment“, because he has over 15 years of experience in Internet content moderation.

Initially, the developer is focused on bringing a community of people together to get T2 up and running, though according to Google Docs, Release is currently scheduled for September 2023,

On the other hand, TechCrunch notes that Sessel has “some investor interest Which you are creating via iMessage. That inbox includes an unnamed ex-Twitter executive-investor who has already asked how much money Gabor wants to get this new bird off the ground.

For now, Cessel wants Build an App from Scratch To get it up and running, though it may not be an easy process.

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