Musk fired top Twitter executives after becoming the new owner of the company

Billionaire Elon Musk is already the new owner of Twitter, and his first move Fired four of its top managers, including CEO, Parag Agarwal, As published on Thursday by several US media, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the situation.

The other three sacked executives are Twitter’s chief financial officer, Ned Segal; Supreme Legal and Policy Officer, Vijaya Gadde; and the principal counsel of the firm, Sean Edgett.

According to the media, at least one of the fired officers was Maintained by members of security Outside Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco (California, USA).

A few hours ago, Musk confirmed that he was going to buy the social network and said he was. “For the Future of Civilization”, When there was more than 24 hours left before the end of the period that a judge had given him to open a process if the purchase had not been formalized.

Message “to advertisers”

The Tesla and SpaceX owner released a message via the social network to “advertisers” on Twitter in which he wanted to explain the reasons that prompted him to buy the network, citing previously that “the future of civilisation” This is important for a general digital class where it can be argue in a healthy way a wide range of beliefs.

In addition, he announced that the advertisement had a relevant place Now on the net.

Current Exam in 20 Minutes

Musk mentioned in his message that social networks are in danger increase polarization Public opinion between the extreme right and the extreme left, which, he said, has also fallen into the traditional media, and he said he wanted to contribute to overcoming this risk “to help humanity” which I like, And “Not to make money”, The richest man in the world said.

The tycoon says that according to his vision, Twitter “can’t become A free hell for all, where anything can be said without consequence”, but must “respect the laws”.

the stage must be, he continues, “in A warm and welcoming place for all, Where everyone can choose their desired experience according to their preferences”, and compares this to the experience of watching movies or playing video games according to each person’s age.

Regarding advertising on Twitter, he says that the ads, “if well understood,” Entertain, please inform more” To the user, for example explaining that there is a new medical treatment.

“Basically – he concluded in his message to advertisers – Twitter aspires to be an “advertising platform”. most respected in the world Which will strengthen your brand and grow your company. Let’s create something extraordinary together.”

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