Musk relaunches Twitter subscription service this Monday: what it will cost and what the benefits will be, to be confirmed

The social network Twitter has announced that it will this Monday launch a new Membership system including a verification system With the famous blue badge, after several postponements by company owner Elon Musk since October.

“On Monday, we’ll relaunch ‘Twitter Blue.’ Subscribe on the web $8 per month or $11 per month on iOS devices (Apple’s operating system used on the iPhone) for subscribers to gain access to special features, including Blue Badges,” the social network said in a series of messages.

Thus, it is detailed that this logo It will be replaced by a golden color for companies, While later a gray would be added for “governmental and multilateral” organizations. A blue badge will be awarded to customers “once the account has been reviewed”.

can also be a member Edit your tweets, post high quality videos, a reading mode and change your name on Twitter and show their name or profile photo, although they qualified that “if they do, they will temporarily lose the blue badge until their account is reviewed again.”

“Thank you for your patience as we work to make Twitter better. We’re excited and We expect to have more information soonMusk announced in November his decision to postpone the platform’s payment verification program until November 29, until he could guarantee that “it’s solid as a rock”, although at the time The limit was extended.

Musk’s decision came days after users of the social network who opted in to pay $7.99 per month indicated that Could not access ‘Twitter Blue’ features,

New payment model proposed by billionaire would have been suspended after allowing countless users Get verification for impersonating entities of recognized reputeDamaging the reputation of companies or public figures.

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