Musk suspends Twitter account following his private jet after saying he won’t

When Elon Musk Bought Twitter, He Promised He Wouldn’t Suspend Accounts @elonjet: “My commitment to free speech extends to not banning an account that follows my plane, even if it is a direct risk to personal safety.” Even then, A month after his promise, the businessman has done the exact opposite.

was created by @elonjet developer Jack Sweeney and He followed the movements made by the private plane of the tycoon. On the platform, she already had half a million followers, but after being blocked, the profile has moved to Mastodon, one of the most popular Twitter alternatives in recent months.

Musk’s change has been criticized by many users, who have highlighted the millionaire’s words published in November. However, the new owner of the social network has clarified its decision: “Any account providing real-time location information will be suspended From anyone, because it is a breach of physical security. This includes posting links to sites with real-time location information.”

“Posting locations where someone traveled with a slight delay isn’t a security issue, so it’s fine,” Musk said.

First test on monkey has been done.

Sweeney commented that the social network informed him that the block was due to the fact that the account had broken rules. as he explains, Twitter gives you the opportunity to file a complaint Verdict Against and can currently only read content, but cannot send or forward messages.

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