Musk will punish you if you have an iPhone for its battle with Apple and you’ll overpay for Twitter Blue

Twitter’s controversial premium subscription plan was around before Elon Musk bought the platform. However, with the advent of Tycoon, Twitter Blue costs $8s, with the pretext of new exclusive functions. This price will remain for Android users, but Apple users will have to pay a higher price.

“We’re relaunching @TwitterBlue on Monday: Subscribe on the web for $8 a month or for $11 on iOS to gain access to subscriber-only features including blue checkmarks per month,” mentioned the company’s official account on the social network itself.

Why does it cost 30% more at Apple?

The original idea was to cost Twitter Blue $7.99 for both Android and iOS. In fact, when the more expensive Premium subscription originally launched in November with the new features, it did. Then, What happened that made Musk change his mind?

The company initially suspended paid subscriptions in November for phishing and parody accounts. When they fixed the issue in late November, they wanted to get back on track, but Musk again put the brakes on Twitter Blue’s launch because Apple wanted to collect 30% of its profits, As is the case with the rest of the applications that make profits with the App Store.

Twitter’s new owner accused Apple of monopolistic practices, saying the fee was “10 times more than it should be.” At first, he threatened to remove the social network from iOS devices, but after meeting with Tim Cook, he clarified that this was a “misunderstanding”. finally it seems They have decided that users are the ones who pay with a 30% higher price.

Elon Musk received his first computer at age 9, which included a manual for learning the BASIC computer language.

Special Features of Twitter Blue

One of the most prominent of the benefits that unfold within the premium plan of the platform is verification. Color arrangement to avoid confusion: blue for individual accounts, gold for companies and gray for government and multilateral accounts.

However, there are other unique features, such as the ability to Edit tweets and upload videos in 1080p.

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