Myrin Villanueva: Infidelity with Eduardo Santamarina that ended with her first marriage

myrin villanueva One of the cutest actresses and her marriage edward santamarina This has made them one of the most stable couples in the middle of the show, although this was not always the case since the rumors of one. infidelity They were not long in coming when they began their romance soon after the actress’ divorce.

51 year old actress trajectory of more than 20 years During which he has shown his talent in important projects like soap opera “Friends and Rivals””, “Alma Rebelde” and “Aventuras en el Tiempo” although it is her role as Sylvia in the television series “Vecinos” for which she remains in the hearts of the public.

Mairin Villanueva married Eduardo Santamarina for 12 years. Photo: IG @mayrinvillaneva

Despite the success she has achieved on the small screen, Villanueva has not shied away from being the target of controversy for her personal life and there is one episode that managed to taint her, for which she is still married to actor Eduardo Santamarina. Giving people. Few fans to talk about who remember the difficult moment in the life of the actress.

Myrin Villanueva’s infidelity

was an actress married with actor Jorge Pausa over 11 years and during this he welcomed both of his Children, Romina and Sebastianwho, like their famous parents, attract attention due to the striking physical resemblance and the attractiveness inherited from them.

Myrin Villanueva admits to infidelity to Jorge Pausa. Photo: IG @jorgepoza

After intense rumors about conflict in their marriage, Famous announced their separation in 2008 arguing personal conflicts; However, the romance between Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina was revealed only a few months later.

Ten years later, in an interview with George van Rankin for the morning newspaper “Hoy”, the actress admitted that she had infidelity with her now-husband: “We definitely parted because I did Eduardo (… Always very honest and open with George, and they had a relationship too. There was nothing to find or cheat on, but we were unfaithful in the end because we are in a relationship.

In this regard, actor Eduardo Santamarina told that he had fallen in love with Villanueva since they met in the melodrama.i love juan querandon” And denied infidelity on the part of the actress: “We started walking, thank God, and apparently at the end” gossip And magazines, they swore that we started walking earlier, but the reality is that it was already at the end”.

Myrin Villanueva and Santamarina have a daughter, Julia. Photo: IG @mayrinvillaneva

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