Myrin Villanueva turns into the 52:5 mini dress the network is paralyzed with

myrin villanueva She is having a party. Today he turns 52 and he does so at an amazing time in his life, both personally and professionally. and it is clear that This is one of the favorites of the middle of the showBut every day he gets more followers who like his great work and charisma.

The actress who gave her life Sylvia in Neighbors will return to comedy in 2023, with a series in which he will star alongside Pedro Sicard. The project has already started recording and is called “Is this the leader, Eva?” is called.

On her Instagram account, Villanueva Ulloa shares moments from the project and also shared snapshots of it day to day with your kids And he travels in his spare time.

she is the queen of the minidress

There are many occasions on his Instagram account in which Myrin Villanueva has been seen in bold outfitsIn which he shows the shape of his idol. The talented actress is considered one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment world. Every picture you share on social networks is a real success.

On her profile, she has over 2.5 million followers, who flood her with likes and flattering comments every time she shares a moment from her life. Tight minidresses are one of those moments that are most successful in their post.

No doubt that apart from his talent and great charisma, Myrin Villanueva’s beauty makes her one of the favorites among the showsSuccess is guaranteed every time you have a new project.

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