Mysterious debris stuck in one leg of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars

On September 24, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter completed its final flight over Jezero Crater (Mars), despite unidentified debris. sticking on landing legs,

NASA refers to the object as a FOD (foreign object debris), which in the aviation and aerospace industry includes any particle or substance foreign to an aircraft or system. Can damage,

Navigation Camera (NavCam) captured images of clothing item During the aerial tour, the helicopter was shown taking off with the wreckage hanging from one of its legs, but as Ingenuity advanced in the air, the debris fell from the lander.

NASA said in a statement that the debris were not present in the images of the previous flight Simply and that all data is nominal, which means that the debris is likely not from the science instrument itself.

team of NASA works to identify what it is Exactly where else does it come from, because at first glance it looks like a piece of plastic. Also, the space agency indicates that No damage shown In the vehicle because the FOD fell off the leg of the helicopter and returned to the surface of Mars.

This isn’t the first time debris has been seen on Mars, as Ingenuity took pictures of some suspected Martian spaghetti and a broken mess of the landing gear that helped Persevere land on the Red Planet.

Mysterious Wreck in Simplicity
Ingeniously mysterious wreck.

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