Mysterious man wipes sweat from Jimin’s chest and envy Cena

fantasy of bts has expressed his great jealousy in front of a mysterious man, who he says has the honor of wiping sweat from the body Jimin, One of the members of the group.

Jimin has been the protagonist of a scene that has created all kinds of sensations army, And the thing is, singers and dancers were very sweaty during an event, so a worker wiped their sweat with great enthusiasm.

The scene was recorded on video, in which Jimin The person lying on the ground puts his hands under his shirt to remove the sweat and tries to dry it as much as possible.

The scene went completely viral on social networks within minutes, with fans envying the group’s worker who was able to touch the popular’s body. Sculpture.

many followers of Bangtan They were envious of the work of the young and mysterious assistant, although others showed their respect because the idols are not at all easy to deal with and even more precise and have to do different things in a stipulated time.

And you, would you like to dry your sweat? Jimin,

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