Mysterious X-37B space plane lands in orbit after 908 days

United States Space Force’s X-37B military space plane on November 12 The facility landed automatically on runway 15 shuttle landing facility The Kennedy Space Center (Florida) spacecraft (SLF for its abbreviation) after spending 908 days in space.

The X-37B was built by Boeing and was defined as a test platform, in addition, Completed the mission named ‘OTV-6’ In which there was a service module.

The technical characteristics that define the X-37B are its dimensions of 8.9 x 2.9 m, a wingspan of 4.5 m, a mass of about 5,500 kg. a hypergolic motorIts heat shield is made of thermal protection tiles and fabric, and power is supplied by a deployed solar panel.

During these months, the United States Naval Research Laboratory’s photovoltaic radiofrequency antenna module was tested, in addition, ‘Falconsat-8’ satellite was deployed It was designed with five experimental payloads.

other thing, OTV-6 also did some experiments for NASA, One tested how space radiation affected plant seeds to analyze the impact of the mission, and the other measured how different materials reacted to the space environment.

US launches autonomous X-37B drone into space

NASA initiated the X-37 program in 1999 to develop technologies related to reusable vehicles, keeping The plane is dedicated to testing new military experiments in orbit and to investigate how the vacuum of space affects physical and biological samples.

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