NASA again delays takeoff of Artemis I due to possible setbacks due to Hurricane Nicole

The launch of the Artemis I lunar mission from Cape Canaveral, Florida (USA) has been postponed “Waiting for safe conditions for employees to return to work” for the next 16 November, reported NASA A few hours after Nicole arrived this Tuesday as a potential hurricane.

“As crews continue to monitor Tropical Storm Nicole We have decided to change the launch target of the Artemis I mission to Wednesday, 16 NovemberSafe conditions pending for employees to return to work,” the space agency said. Twitter,

According to the mission’s blog, which It aims to test the capabilities of the powerful SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft ahead of a manned flight. Originally scheduled for 2024, Kennedy Space Center is currently in “Huracon III status” hurricane,

This protocol means Deploying the briefing and “exit” team as well as securing facilities at the centerNASA detailed.

However, as we reported this Tuesday, Powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion capsule remain on launch pad 39B from the Space Center.

The SLS rocket, whose height exceeds a 30-storey building (98 m), Designed to withstand winds of 136 km/hsays NASA.

In addition, he indicated that the rocket Designed to withstand heavy rain The hatch of the spacecraft is secured to prevent further water ingress on the launch pad.

Last Friday, NASA slow-moved the giant rocket and Orion spacecraft from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the launch pad. This displacement lasted for about 9 hours and was barely 6.8 kms. distance coveredDuring which the rocket was carried on a large tracked vehicle powered by diesel.

NASA has had to delay mission departure four timesTwo for technical reasons and two for other meteorological reasons. The mission was supposed to drop it this coming Monday, November 14.

Orion will launch next week inside the SLS Mega rocket.

Nicole strengthened northeast of the Bahamas and is already a “major tropical storm” Which is likely to turn into a storm tomorrow, Wednesday FloridaAccording to the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC).

As per the latest NHC bulletin, Hurricane now has maximum sustained winds of 100 km/h And it is expected to become a hurricane on Wednesday before hitting the east coast of Florida, where Cape Canaveral is located.

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