NASA gives the green light for the launch of Artemis I this Wednesday after reviewing the latest data

team of NASA gave green signal to launch Tomorrow, November 16, is scheduled for the Artemis I mission from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The two-hour window for the mission’s fifth launch attempt opens at 5:04 a.m. Spanish peninsular hours, as NASA engineers confirmed in a press conference.

Jim Frey (NASA Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Development) states that “We check the configuration of our vehicle From the top of the spacecraft to the bottom of the rocket, including the flight termination system and batteries that we’ve already reset.”

Similarly, according to the mission leaders, Fixed several issues related to Hurricane Nicole Which forced to delay the previous release. To prevent launch the system sealing equipment was left loose on the platform of the space center where the SLS rocket with the Orion capsule is located.

Engineers closely examined “putty in a seam between a warhead in the Orion launch abort system and the crew module adapter” and the potential risks if it were to displace during launch. On the other hand, they state that There is less chance of serious risk to flight,

The aim of this unmanned mission is to test the capabilities of the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft ahead of a manned voyage scheduled for 2024. In addition, the overall mission of the Artemis program is to bring humans back to Earth. moon.

It can carry four astronauts.

NASA has also updated on its blog that “Artemis I. Weather conditions remain 90% favorable for launch of, The mission management team will convene again this afternoon to review additional analysis of night operations in preparation for launch.”

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