NASA has a website that lets you travel to any planet in the solar system without leaving your couch

NASA has a large number of websites that provide users with information on astronomy and physics. Some of them are interactive and invite internet users to learn about the space in an entertaining way. Recently, the US agency has updated one of them: Eyes on the Solar System, which talks about The Solar System, its planets and natural and artificial satellites.

Through this website, NASA allows users to ‘travel’ to different points of the planetary system without leaving home. 3D Space Map is in English but it’s quite comfortable And easy to handle.

When looking at the Solar System, the page displays an overview of the Solar System, showing planet and satellite orbits And leaving the Sun in the center. As users, we can choose between different spatial objects to view them from a short distance and view them from different perspectives.

All visible elements on the map are located in the same position in which they are in real time. However, the page allows users to modify the time and see where a planet was a few months ago or where it will go to know the trajectory of its orbit.

Webb allows you to go back or forward in time to show you how planet and satellite orbits move.
Webb allows you to go back or forward in time to show you how planet and satellite orbits move.

Scientists are trying to trace the origin of the debris.

In addition, the website is Various stories about space projects done in the solar system. Through maps and text, NASA makes it possible for Internet users to better understand these missions and what progress has been made or is being achieved with them.

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