NASA postponed the launch of Artemis I again for this reason

NASA decided at a meeting on Saturday that the third Artemis I launch attempt would finally will not be on the specified date. Despite last Wednesday’s setbacks, the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket refueling test went well, so planning that tomorrow, Sept. 27, was still underway, at least until the end of that week.

The reason has nothing to do with the position of the SLS, but with the weather forecast, which predict a tropical storm Whom he named Ian. It will move north into the eastern Gulf of Mexico as a hurricane, just off the southwest coast of Florida. Apart from this, a cold front will also move from north to south of the state.

Cape Canaveral in Florida is the area where NASA’s launch pad is. There, they are expected to rain and thunder Which would significantly affect the successful launch of Artemis I.

In fact, a forecast from the United States Space Force calculates that weather conditions make a successful launch likely. has been reduced to 20%,

Launch restrictions consider that the rocket must avoid natural lightning and causes itself in mid-flight. This can not only be negative for the mission, but it can also mean threat to public safetySpace force.

Some rockets observe Earth from low orbits.

Ever since the space agency announced the postponement of the mission, the team has been keeping an eye out for any weather updates. As posted on the official Twitter account of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center 4 hours ago, engineers are preparing the system To take you back to the Space Vehicle Assembly Building,

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