NASA publishes ten-year timelapse in which stars are born

NASA’s Near-Earth Object Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) spacecraft travels to the center of the Sun every six months to take pictures of space. Also, said photos when they are together map the whole sky Which shows the position and brightness of crores of objects.

Using 18 maps produced by the spacecraft, scientists have created a time-lapse movie of the sky that Reveals the changes of a decade, Each map is a great resource for astronomers to better understand the universe, plus they can reveal distant objects that have changed position or brightness.

If we go inside the spacecraft, NEOWISE was a data processing project to recover the asteroid’s identity and characteristics, it was also in charge of Scan the sky to find and study objects outside the solar system Thanks to cryogenically cooled detectors.

Observing the sky for more than a decade has contributed to the study formation of Stars, Specifically, NEOWISE can peer into the dusty blankets that surround protostars, or balls of hot gas.

The NEOWISE data have also improved the understanding of black holes thanks to an ‘echo mapping’ technique that measures the size of disks of hot, glowing gas.

Amy Menzer (NEOWISE principal investigator at the University of Arizona in Tucson) says on the NASA blog that “If you go out and look at the night sky, it may seem like nothing changes, but it doesn’t. The stars Shining bright.” and explosion. Asteroids are circling. Black holes are tearing stars apart. The universe is a very busy and active place.”

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