NASA successfully tests its giant catapult to launch objects into space

SpinLaunch conducted a test late last month in which they wanted to show that payloads with sensitive instruments could withstand g-forces Its suborbital accelerator A-33, The test was conducted at Spaceport America, located in the Jornada del Muerto desert (New Mexico, United States) and was attended by more than 150 witnesses, including partners, government officials and industry people.

The event included showing attendees a projectile carrying a demo payload NASA, Airbus, Cornell University and Outpost Space, These charges were not damaged and could not be recovered after using the company’s launch system.

This project a. is part of the ongoing results of space law agreement That startup signed with NASA in early 2022.

Some have compared it to a ‘slingshot’, but the A-33 is a prototype of the suborbital accelerator. SpinLaunch plans to develop, which will be three times as large. With this creation, the California startup hopes to be able to send Small payloads in low Earth orbit.

“The data and insights gained from flight tests will be invaluable to both SpinLaunch, as we move forward with development of the Orbital Launch System, and to our customers who are looking to give us access to Durable low cost and high cadence in space,” says company founder Jonathan Yanni.

This proposal would be a more economical and environment-friendly method than the current launch of satellites or other space elements. These are currently made of conventional rockets.

The brand has placed several examples of advertisements that can be seen from the sky, such as the Coca-Cola logo.

The suborbital accelerator is an arm capable of rotating at a speed of 8,000 kilometers per hour and can launch objects from great heights. According to Spinlaunch, the A-33 will be able to launch satellites or other payloads 2026. to 200 kg,

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