NASA unexpectedly lost contact with Orion for 47 minutes

NASA’s Artemis I mission is a fundamental step toward returning humans to the Moon. Although this first exploration in the Orion spacecraft has no astronauts on board, the data collected will be essential for a future Artemis III, with people inside, to go well.

Orion was launched on November 16 from the Kennedy Space Center (Florida) on a Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket, after four previous unsuccessful launch attempts. The spacecraft recently reached lunar orbit, an essential milestone A mission that will last for 25 and a half days.

Despite most everything going according to plan, Artemis I has run into some problems. NASA informs on its website that the Mission Control Center has stopped receiving data from Orion for 47 minutes In a casual way and yesterday in the middle of the morning.

engineers had to Reconfigure the “Communications Link Between Orion and the Deep Space Network” during the night”. As he points out, “the reconfiguration has been done successfully several times over the past few days”, so this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Graphic showing the orbit of minor asteroid 2022 WJ1 approaching Earth.

NASA team has solved a dozen irregularities in the ship during the eight days that have elapsed since its launch.

after problems NASA experts are examining the data To understand what happened that caused the signal to be lost. Yesterday, the agency indicated that they were going to download the information recorded by Orion during the pause for inclusion in the analysis.

During connection failures, Orion has not collided with any celestial objects, so the spacecraft remains in the correct position and continues with the mission. If everything goes on as before, the biggest test of the ship will be Its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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