Natalia Tellez and the desire to break with the monotony in her relationship

Natalia Tellez announced that couple agreements may be reviewed periodically to determine what those involved want or need (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage).

There are issues that are taken for granted within a relationship, such as monogamy. Although many things are changing and terms like “open relationships” and “polyamory” have become commonplace, it is still difficult to talk about new love plans, especially for a woman. It is for this reason that the recent statements of Natalia Tellez have shocked many and given much to talk about.

During the television program Netas Divinas, Tellez, 36, spoke without shame that she wanted – at some point – to break the monogamous plan she had built in her relationship with her partner, professional photographer and music producer, Antonio Zabala. Give. , Together, Tellez and Zabala are parents to a nearly one-year-old girl named Emilia.

The actress also revealed that -although they are not yet at that time- she eventually wants the maturity to be able to change the rules of her game and experience new things. “You turn agreement into loyalty, into monotony. Now I would like to think that I can achieve maturity in a certain amount of time to change agreement; I have no idea how I am going to try to do it.” Antonio To be honest my view would be to change the dynamics”, he clarified.

For Natalia, it is essential that both parties are involved in making this type of couple decision. His opinion is based on his own experience. “I think it’s about agreements; my longest relationship lasted six years, about seven, I think we were loyal and ended up being honest enough to say ‘to make this work’ Exactly what agreement can be reached’ and the agreement had to be terminated”, he indicated.

According to what Tellez told Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval and Galilea Montijo at the event, it’s about anticipating something inevitable and accepting it honestly. The actress told her partners, “I believe you change the allegiance agreement, striving with another is something that will happen eventually. Agreements can be infinite, where one can sleep with whoever they want or with an open partner. could.”

Although Tellez has been very candid about how she wants things in the future, it’s worth remembering her words when she first spoke about her relationship with Zabala. “The relationship I have right now is what I think is the most fatherly and healthiest and I am very happy. At first I said: ‘It’s so cool’, I mean hooked… ‘Where’s the adrenaline? Why do you always answer me? ‘…”, said Natalia.

Similarly, he said that it was an issue that gave direction to his therapy. “My therapist even said to me, ‘Why don’t you enjoy a healthy relationship? You don’t need pure trouble and a multitude of power plays. […] At the beginning of this relationship I admit that I said: ‘Why is everything okay?’ And right now the truth, if they have already seen me, if they follow me (on the network), that I am letting go … “, he counted.

Perhaps Emilia’s arrival and without a doubt years of experience has given Tellez the importance of when something works and is positive, without necessarily tying herself to the traditions and practices she believes in. that can be deducted from their relationship. So if anyone is interested in Natalia, then know that perhaps in the future there may be love between many people.

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