National Gold film winning Cuban actress Gina Romand passed away

The actress lost her life at the age of 84. (Photo: Twitter)

during The unfortunate death of Gina Romand was confirmed on the morning of Saturday, December 3Cuban actors who conquered Mexican cinema with their incomparable beauty Golden Age, The sad news was confirmed by his son, Gabriel Varela A few days ago, he used his social network to pray for his mother’s health.,

“With all my pain, I say goodbye to my mother, Gina Romand, who always lit up my life, now she rests in peace, lighting up the sky with her eternal radiance. I will always miss you and will always love you. relax my classy blonde”, wrote the director in his account Twitter,

Gabriel Varela with his mother.  (Photo Twitter: @varelateatro)
Gabriel Varela with his mother. (Photo Twitter: @varelateatro)

The producer also added a portrait of her mother where she appeared resplendent with her distinctive blonde hair – which gave rise to her nickname in the national film industry – huge earrings and a red dress.

So far the causes of death are unknown, but thanks to information shared by her children in the past, it is known that she was admitted to the hospital as an emergency and, although she was initially in intensive care, He showed improvement that led him to intermediate therapy… Unfortunately, lost his life at the age of 84,

Her real name was Georgina García y Tamayo.  (Photo Instagram: @varelateatro)
Her real name was Georgina García y Tamayo. (Photo Instagram: @varelateatro)

“I am so touched and grateful for all the prayers and expressions of affection for the health of my mother @GinaRomand. She is still in intermediate therapy, progressing and is being taken very good care of., Thank you @andactores for your attention. First class care for my mother,” Cuban daughter Gina Varela shared on Twitter on Nov. 29.

The sad news surprised Mexican actors, who expressed their admiration for the actress shine in movies Santo And sent my condolences to all his loved ones.

“My dear Gabriel!! I hug your heart from afar. I shared your Saturday meal.. I always admired your mother, it hurts, All my respect for this moment. Kisses buddy,” he wrote. Vanessa Guzman,

He was born in February 1938 in Havana, Cuba.  (Photo Twitter: @varelateatro)
He was born in February 1938 in Havana, Cuba. (Photo Twitter: @varelateatro)

I hug you with all my heart! You were an extraordinary son and I am a witness to it. I love you so much,” he said. Chantal other, “My dear teacher, friend and colleague, I hug you very much,” he continued. rene Franco, He wrote, “Heartfelt hugs, dear Gabrielle, in the end we always have hope.” Edgar Weaver,

“I am 40 years old and I consider myself a fan of your mom, what a shame!!! Not knowing them hurts me and I add to the damage if you allow me. I send you a big and warm hug.” “Rest in Peace, such a beautiful and lovely lady.” “Go be a great artist You should stay calm as you were always there for him and for him, Rest in Peace”, were some of the user comments.

Gina Romand has pursued a career in film, theater and television.
Gina Romand has pursued a career in film, theater and television.

The artist left her native country to try her luck in Mexico and fortunately won the affection of the public with her talent, charisma and beauty. It started with films like black and white films fray don juan [1970] with Mauricio Garces, i’m so macho [1953] with Sylvia Pinal, neighborhood champion [1964] next to Javier Solis, five eagles [1962] with Luis Aguilar and my hero [1965] With Angelica Maria.

Later he ventured into color cinema with tapes like bandit [1963] With Maria Felix and Pedro Armendriz, instant delivery [1963] Many stories with the immortal Mario Moreno Cantinflas and the Mexican hero, Saint, was his last project for the big screen sparrow or pigeon [1985] With jose jose.

They later collaborated on several telenovelas, but are best remembered for love and custody as Emilia Manzanilla de Budgeterica,

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